NYSEEFIT Personal Training takes an integrated and progressive approach to training the body and mind.  Deriving methods from Functional Fitness, Bodybuilding, Calisthenics, Physical Therapy & Yoga.  The approach is led with the belief that “Movement is Medicine”.

NYSEEFIT training programs are designed to help you:
-Develop your mobility & strength
-Transform your body composition
-Improve your health and performance
-Build courage, confidence and belief in yourself

Personal Training | Workshops


Personal Training is the fastest and most effective way to reach your goals. Each workout will be carefully tailored to your body and your goals. Each session is 1-Hour long. 

12 Session Pack (4-6 Weeks)
Personalized Program
Exercise Correction
3 Group Training Sessions

Single session


We offer 3-on-1 and group options for groups of 4 or more. 3-on-1 session rates starting at $33 per person. Group rates starting from $29 per person.


Train with a friend, colleague or partner for some added motivation. Each session will be fully tailored to you and your partner. Session rates starting at $50 per person.


About Edison Tomala       

My enthusiasm for fitness is lifelong. From a very young age, I immersed myself in action sports, calisthenics, and many other muscular endurance activities.

Born in Ecuador, growing up in Bronx, NY- urban landscapes have always been a playground and an adventure platform filled with inspiration.

Inspired by these challenging and enriching experiences, I joined the United States Marine Corps in 1998. Discipline, purpose, community; the principles cultivated during his time as a Marine, are embedded in my life and practice.

After serving seven years, I focused on an equally engaging and inspiring industry; fashion. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from FIT in NYC, I built a succesful track record of growing brands by applying my ability to understand customer needs and emerging trends.

Ultimately the personal experiences gathered in the Marine Corps and action sports gave me the passion to guide and empower others to achieve fitness goals.

Fitness is important but more importantly it should be fun. I aim to create a positive, challenging, safe and fun workout environment for my clients. I believe that fitness is not only a chance to improve your physical appearance but a way to empower your mental wellbeing. I believe every client is capable of exceeding his or her fitness goals by focusing on incremental skill building that creates a foundation needed for a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.


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